Where can I attend a Last Aid course?

At the Würdezentrum in Frankfurt am Main, Germany four times per year. Also various organizations offer courses — for example hospice initiatives or local adult education centres. In the future you will find the course dates and locations throughout Germany listed centrally on this website.

What is a Last Aid Course?

A last help course is intended for the general public and imparts knowledge on the topics of death and dying.

How long does the course last?

One course consists of 4 lessons, each lasting 45 minutes.

What is the objective and content?

To understand dying and death as part of our lives. To inform about what actually happens in the last phase of life. We discuss what complaints often occur in the last phase of life and how they can be alleviated. We provide Information about what precautions and decisions should be made and inform about the support system for dying and seriously ill people and their relatives. Finally we address the topics of mourning and burial.

Can I become an instructor for Last Aid?

Course leaders must be either doctors, nurses or social workers or similar and work in a hospice / palliative environment, or as coodinator in a hospice service. If you work in this area and are interested, you‘ll find further information about the next instructor training courses in your area here on the website.

Where can I find further information on the topics?

An important part of the course is to guide participants to local organizations in hospice and palliative care. Questions like: „Where can I get help and support? Where is the nearest palliative team, hospice, palliative ward or volunteer hospice service?“ will be answered.

How much does a Last Aid course cost?

Similar to a „First Aid Course“, the „Last Aid Course“ serves to empower the public i.e. to train on a broad basis. Therefore, the course should be offered free of charge or for up to a maximum of 20,- Euro.

Why should I attend a Last Aid course?

Death is part of our lives, and we have forgotten much about it. Dealing with the topic reduces fear, gives courage and helps people to walk in dignity. So the question remains. Why haven’t you attended a course yet?

Is there a certificate of attendance?

As with „First Aid Courses“, you will receive a certificate of attendance at the end.

Professional Supervision/Scientific monitoring?

The courses are monitored by the inventor of last aid, Dr. Georg Bollig. At the end of the session you will be asked to complete an anonymous questionnaire. This feedback helps to further develop the courses and adapt them to the needs of the public.

How many participants are there in a course?

As a rule, the courses take place from 6 participants up to a maximum of 15 participants.

If you have further questions, we would be pleased to help you. Please send your questions to: kontakt@letztehilfe.info